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The Splash !

All you need is just one drop.. bowl full of water.. little bit of gravity.. set the shutter at 1/4000.. and oh yes, lots and lots of patience.. Mix it all together and you get the splash !!
  • Camera/Lens used
    Body : Canon Digital Rebel XT (350D)
    Lens: Canon EF, Focal Length 50mm

Shots Settings (All): Aparture=1.8, Shutter=1/4000, Manual Focus, No flash

Splash 01
Splash 02

Splash 03
So what do you think ? Did I get it right? Let me know which one you like (if at all)! Also, any questions and/or suggestions? Pl let me know…
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  • Murali Nair Says:


    You made me believe every second counts..indeed one of the best pics i have ever come across..!!!
    Perfect example of patience and persistence.. keep it up buddy..keep inspiring!!

    Dear Visitors,
    I had once during our chat asked Santosh if he could capture a droplet, as i couldnt with my camera, ofcourse i was expecting much with my Olympus c765, 10x optical zoom. He captured my idea into this beautiful pics..

    Thanks Santosh, best present i could ever get.!!!

  • Murali Nair Says:

    Hey Santosh,

    “Every second counts..” – your lines – you made me believe this statement.. indeed one of the best shots i have seen so far.

    Dear Readers,
    I had once talked abt capturing the droplets, i had by then seen couple of his pics, its indeed a great joy to see your ideas captured and being presented to you..

    Santosh, Keep sending such pics and always keep inspiring !!

    Thanks buddy !! awesome pic indeed..

  • St. Louis Sue Says:

    Those photos are awesome. I always said you should persue a new career! I’ve still got the flower picture you gave me when you left St. Louis. One day when you are a rich and famous photographer I will sell it and retire!!

  • Anonymous Says:

    Okay, maybe I am just a little Jealous. Very nice pictures and a great WEB site. To be able to make so much out of so little (a single drop), I am impressed.


    Dr. John H. Glasgow

  • Vijay Barkale Says:


    Wow! what can I say? Absolutely fabulous, amazing,… After a gap of few years it’s very rewarding to be able to enjoy your photography again. I think you should change your career so that we can see more of such wonders. 😉

    Keep it up. Waiting for more pictures with such a creativity!!!

  • Ron Says:

    Excellent Santosh. Your extraordinary skills keep coming through.

  • Pramod Says:

    The photographs are amazing. I am sure you can go far with hobby. Can’t wait to see what you are going to surprise us with next.

  • Nilesh Says:


    Those pictures are awesome!

  • Het Waghela Says:

    I need lessons on photography. When should we start. Please advice.

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