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June 25, 2009Santosh 1 Comment »

I have been wondering about this for quite some time now. May be you can help me with this. This is about those who call themselves ‘pure’ vegetarians – can be Indian vegetarians (especially Hindus) who go visit western/foreign countries for work or pleasure or westerners who choose to be vegetarian.

They often go to fast food restaurant chains and order veggie/gardenburgers often  with french fries. Perhaps that’s the only veggie item they find on the menu! Do you think they really get 100% vegetarian burger? Let’s take a second here and think  about it.. Chances are, customers standing in line ahead of them have most likely ordered beef (or chicken) burgers! Person who is cooking those burgers   in the kitchen has just flipped those beef burgers on  the grill. Now he takes order for the veggie burger and starts cooking it, yes, on the same grill !!

Now, is that really a veggie burger? Or a veggie burger with some beef/chicken flavoring on it?

May be it’s just me but I feel really bad for those pure vegetarians who think they haven’t had beef/chicken ever in their life! What do you say ? Go ahead, correct me if I have mistaken !

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  • Recida Says:

    You are right about that .. But they hardly have a choice… I know pure vegetarians who are aware of this fact , so they prefer not to eat at such restaurants… Even if they do , they would rather suffice with a salad and not anything which is cooked !! So, ultimately the choice lies with the person who eats , restaurants don’t bother !! But yes , in India , the vegetarian section is strictly kept separate for the pure vegetarian crowd.

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