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The lightning phenomenon

August 16, 2009Santosh 2 Comments »

Lightning: A giant discharge of electricity accompanied by a brilliant flash of light and a loud crack of thunder. The discharge can occur between the cloud and the ground, other clouds, or within a single cloud. The electric field within the storm is much stronger than the one between the storm base and the earth ‘s surface, so about 75-80% of lightning occurs within the storm cloud (which never reaches the ground).

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August 8, 2009Santosh 2 Comments »

After a very heavy rain over night, I captured this shot the next day morning. These are droplets formed  naturally  on the back of the dead tree leaf. I moved it indoors and placed  on a black paper for this shot. I really like the shape of droplets here,  they are perfectly round. Hope you […]

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Capturing the lightning bolt

August 1, 2009Santosh 7 Comments »

Here is my attempt to capture the lightning  on a stormy night. Pl let me know what you think.

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