Automatic flush toilets

February 12, 2010Santosh No Comments »

These days I see that lot of public restrooms install automatic toilet flush systems. I see the general idea or so called ‘the good intention’ behind the invention – to avoid spreading germs. It’s supposed to give us the helping hand by flushing the toilet without us ever touching the flush knob. Very nice idea, but there some serious issues with the way they implement it sometimes. We have one in our office and I am so fearful of the auto flush, I try to avoid  going there as far as possible !

First of all, it often  goes off when I don’t really need it. Ok, I can handle that, but what bothers me most is I can’t really make it go off again when I need it ! I wave my hands in front of the sensor and hope that it would go off.. nothing ! I have seen manual override switch on some auto flush systems, but what we have at our  office doesn’t have that. I looked all over there is no override ! You are left at the mercy of the flush release mechanism.

Few days ago, when I was trying to make it go off, it suddenly worked ! In case you have ever had this issue, may be you can try this.. When you want it to go off, move away from sensor’s ‘sight’ (which is usually a straight line that you block when you are using the toilet). Hold your palm 6 inches away from the sensor for about 10 seconds. The model we have at our office has a green LED that keeps flashing all the time. Wait until it stops flashing (usually within 10 seconds) and then remove your hand… flush goes off..

Why not allow  manual override button as a backup release mechanism ? Are designers just that dumb or the want their product to be in total control ? Either way, I don’t care anymore… I have found the override and for that I don’t need to press any buttons !!

Now I wish I could open the restroom door without having to touch the knob ! Any ideas ??!!!

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