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Perfume.. It’s  more than a great sensory addition to an outfit. A perfect scent will enable you to leave your own mark on someone. It’s your own sensory signature. Sometimes someonewalks by and you can smell a refreshing perfume and sometimes the smell is so overpowering you turn around to see who’s  wearing it! The strength of smells varies with the percentage of essential oils and how much they’re diluted. Perfume bases are 78% to 95% denatured ethyl alcohol, and essential oils make up the rest of the scent.
Did you know ?
Perfume is the most expensive, and is made up of about 22% of essential oils.
Eau de Parfum is the next in line and is 15-22% essential oils.
Eau de Toilette is 8-15% of essential oils.
Eau de Cologne is about 4% essential oils.
Woodsy: Earthy, refreshing and energetic, these are great for causal, everyday wear.
Fruity: Great for warm weather, these are fruity, spicy and tropical.
Floral: Always a classic, floral perfumes are feminine and romantic.
Oceanic: These have a modern smell that uses synthetic elements to evoke the smells of the beach.
Orientals: Spicy and sexy, these scents are dominated by notes of musk, vanilla or heavy flowers.
Also, every fragrance has three perfume notes – top, middle and base.
The top note is what you smell right after application (mostly alcohol) and lasts for one minute. The body of the perfume is the middle note, which is acquired 5 to 30 minutes after application. The base note is how the scent smells after mixing with your skin and body, and is produced two hours after application. These three perfume notes are the reason why you shouldn’t purchase perfumes simply because they smelled lovely on someone else. Everyone’s skin will react differently with a perfume, producing middle and base notes unique to individual body chemistry.
At the perfume counter, spray the perfume directly onto your skin rather than on the sample cardboards, and don’t smell it directly from the bottle. After you’ve spritzed yourself, wait 30 seconds to smell the scent so that you don’t get a whiff primarily of alcohol. Like wine, perfume needs some time to breathe and open up. If you’re still unsure what perfume is best after spraying 10 different types, ask for a sample to take home. Once you find the perfect scent, go back and make the purchase. Also, ask the perfume salesperson for coffee beans, not to munch on, but to smell in between each perfume to neutralize  the smells. That way, you’ll  smell each individual smell, not a mixture of smells.
Apply the perfume to your pulse points, such as your neck, wrist, cleavage, and the folds of your elbow and knees.


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